Have you ever seen people dancing to no music, but wearing glowing headphones? Then you have witnessed a silent disco!  Quiet Events has been hosting these types of events since 2012!

What is a silent disco?

A silent disco is a party where there is no music playing through a speaker system. You can only hear the music playing through glowing headphones. On the headphones, you can rotate anywhere from three to ten channels of music. You can adjust the size of the headphones, as well as the volume, to your preference. Check out what an in-person party can look like here.

Don’t have 1000 friends and three live DJs standing by? No problem! Easily host parties of all ages, as small as 10 people, in your backyard.

Here are 21 benefits of hosting a silent disco party so you can have the time of your life at your next event.

Party outdoors without bothering your neighbors

In the age of social distancing, having an indoor party is not necessarily ideal. Easily have your party in your backyard without any loud noise (except maybe your singing).

Host the silent party anywhere, no power outlets needed

If you rent from Quiet Events, they provide cordless transmitters, headphones, and mics, with a 12-hour charge, so you can literally party anywhere without needing power.

Stay socially distanced from other attendees

If there is a need to stay socially distanced, you can easily stay 6 feet away from your dancing partner, and still have a good time. You will be able to tell which channel of music they are listening to and join them in their dance moves.

No DJ required

Set up is simple when you host a silent disco party. You just need anywhere from one to ten sound devices with playlists downloaded to each device. Anyone, at any age, can set up the system, watch the video here to show you.

Control the volume

On each headphone, you get to control how loud or soft you want to hear the sound. People with disabilities such as Autism and Hyperacusis can party alongside you, with no sound issues.

No heavy speaker system required

There are no heavy speaker systems to be dragged into the event space. The sound streams through everyone’s headphones, so your party also will not be shut down due to any noise ordinances.

Group of people on a beach

Communicate with your friends easier

Have you ever had a hard time hearing your friends at the club? Well not at a silent party. Place the headphones around your neck to easily have a conversation with your friends, since there is no loud music blasting through speakers.

Never get bored with the music

With anywhere from three to ten channels of music, the chance of you not finding something to listen to is slim to none. Never be bored again with the music selection at an event.

Save money

No need to pay a high cover at a club anymore when you host a silent event. Rentals start as low as $6 a headphone, request a quote to learn more.

Cut out distractions

Wearing headphones means you are more focused on the music. Think of it as the shower mentality, singing along without anyone “listening”. For people with disabilities, they have the power to control the volume and cut out any outside distractions so they can also feel included.