Drive-in events are the new normal during a pandemic. They are events such as weddings, movies, graduations and concerts, from the safety of your car. That’s right, you can have events while sitting in a vehicle!

How does a drive-in event work?
Using Quiet Events TX-FM 108, you can broadcast audio to anyone who has an FM radio. Just choose a channel on the transmitter and everyone tunes into that channel in their car or on their personal FM radio.

What types of events can I have in my car?


Using the TX-FM 108 transmitter, you will plug your audio device into the transmitter. The officiant is on a screen while you and your partner are standing in front of your families cars. The sound of your voices will stream over the car radios and voila, your social distancing wedding plans are made easy!

Drive In Movies

Planning a movie night and need a way for everyone to stay six feet away from each other? Then use our TX-FM 108 transmitter to stream the audio of the movie over car radios. This is the best way to social distance with your neighbors!


Venues can rent our TX-FM 108 transmitter and throw a massive social distancing concert using the same set up as a drive in movie. Guests will tune into the same radio frequency as the band and will be able to hear the live music from the safety of their cars.

What are the benefits to having a drive-in event?
Besides being able to stay 6 feet away from the other attendees, there are many reasons to have a drive in event.

Perfect sound quality: Adjust the volume to each person listening in.

Continuous play: Some newer cars have power management systems that turn the radios off if the car is not running.

Multi-language: Provide multiple languages in the same vehicle.

Monetize each person: Don’t lose out on charging for everyone watching the movie vs. just one vehicle.

New Audience: Create a non-large vehicle section for bikes or socially safe seating for those that don’t have an FM Radio.

No loud sounds: Allow for people to listen while they are out of their cars, sitting in their flat beds without bothering anyone around them.

Multiple movies can be played concurrently, giving a family in a car the ability to individual choose the movie they wan to watch

We hope this information is helpful for when you plan your drive-in event. Feel free to reach out to us to give you some more ideas!

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