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Mar 17 2016

DNAinfo.com – 3.17.2016

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We were lucky enough to grace DNAinfo.com again, with their awesome new write-up on their 13 great things to do in Manhattan, that included us as one of the things to do! The story pinpointed our recent Uptown takeover party and gave readers a condensed feel for what it means to attend a quiet clubbing party.

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Mar 4 2016

Qns.com – 3.04.2016

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Qns.com put together a solid write-up on an upcoming event of ours taking place at Studio Square. They went beyond merely listing out what would be happening by using the opening of the article, to talk about how exciting our events tend to be, suggesting that their writers have come along to a few events themselves.

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Mar 4 2016

Time Out New York – 3.04.2016

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A contributor for Time Out New York, did a right up of our recent involvement in an art show at the Guggeheim. We were honored to have been able to get involved in putting together an event at such a prestigious location and were very happy with the collaboration put forth, bringing music and art into this massive space, to set a truly unique tone for the night.

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Feb 19 2016

CBS 58 News – 2.19.2016

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The CBS 58 News did a write-up, talking about the upcoming party that we held at the Milwaukee Art Museum last Friday! The event was part of their, “MAM Music After Dark,” series and showed a whole lot of newcomers to the scene, just what Quiet Clubbing is all about.

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Dec 22 2015

Tribeca Trib Online – 12.22.2015

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The Tribeca Trib Online, put together a video and write-up on our free events held at Brookfield Place last weekend. The events were held right across from the Museum of Feelings and the video really goes to show you how massive a crowd there was that came out for our events here.

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Nov 6 2015

CBS New York – 11.06.2015

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New York Post – “5 Unique Nightlife Spots In New York City.”

Do you love to dance but hate going to loud clubs to hit the dance floor? Now you don’t have to worry about losing your voice at the end of the night because Quiet Clubbing is hitting New York City. Get your ticket to try out this headphone party that lets hundreds of people dance and sing along to their favorite tracks without disturbing the people around them…

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Oct 30 2015

Secret NYC – 10.30.2015

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Secret NYC – “Trick Or Treat! The Best NYC Halloween Parties”

You had us at clubbing in Times Square. Quiet Events lets you choose your DJ by playing the tunes through personal headsets. This party puts you in the heart of New York on one of the best nights of the year, enjoying $5-$7 drink specials, and competing for the prizes in the costume contests. What’s not to love?

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Oct 13 2015

Clubjimay Designs – 10.13.2015

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Clubjimay Designs captured a great video of our Official New York Comic Con After-Party, with a solid feature in their posting. The portion about us starts right at the halfway mark and runs all the way through the duration of the video.

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Oct 12 2015

New York Times – 12.10.2015

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New York Times – ‘Quiet Clubbing’ and Revisiting Tracy & the Plastics

The New York Times did a solid write-up on the two free parties that we pre-planned to be thrown at Brookfield Place. This article does a solid job of explaining just how unique the venue is and how the specs of the location would prove to be incredible for the coming party situation. Check out the full article to  learn more about the excitement that we brought to Brookfield Place.

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Sep 30 2015

New York Post – 09.30.2015

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New York Post – “Juice Crawls Are The Death Knell Of New York Nightlife.”

The New York Post came out to our juice crawl last week and did an incredible write-up, capturing the fun and excitement of the night. This was the first time that we had ever done a juice crawl, as opposed to our usual bar crawls, so needless to say we had no idea what to expect, so we’re glad to have this article out there that captured how well this one really went down and needless to say, we would love to do more, as that scene continues to grow. Check out the full article, to learn more about how the night went for these juice lovers.

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