The future of large in-person events is still unknown; but we know that the audience will expect a certain level of social distancing measures to be in place for small and large events. Here are five important things to consider when planning events after a pandemic.

Traffic Flow: Create one-way paths to locations to allow for adequate spacing without the worry of someone coming directly towards you.

Creative Locations: Utilize outdoor open-air locations that may have more square footage. Turn parking lots into large conference spaces for example. Quiet Events can help with the audio for this.

Touchless Everything: Limit what people touch. Quiet Events provides solutions for coat and equipment checking in/out without the need for physical paper. Consider using an NFC (near field communication) for sign in, payment, and registration for events.

Keeping it clean: Make sure to have anti-bacterial wipes and gels readily available. Place them in front of anything that someone may need to touch like a door, vending machine, or kiosk.

Offering online solutions: It may take time for everyone to feel comfortable about attending in-person events. Consider having a streaming content portion for those that cannot physically attend.

It will be possible to have in-person events after a pandemic, just a few things need to be changed to pull off a safe event. Careful planning and organizing will ensure your guests feel that you are taking their health seriously.

We hope these tips are helpful to you when you plan your next event. Feel free to reach out to us to give you some more tips!

man holding a laptop planning an event after a pandemic