Event Ideas Our party experts can help you plan the perfect event!

Conferences / Expos

Soft Spoken?

No problem! Attendees can hear the spoken word, directly through their headphones.

College & University Parties

A great way to boost student morale.

Campuses often request our equipment for homecoming and other social events.

Corporate Parties

Staff, Managers, and CEO’s love this!

The only 3 in one party that satisfies all your corporate event needs.

Birthday Parties

Build Unforgettable Memories.

No one will forget that party where they were dancing to glowing headphones where they chose the sounds they were grooving to.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Your friends will never forget this special experience.

Get everybody on their feet with music played through these headphones.

Bachelorette Parties

Party Hopping Has NEVER Been So Cool!

Bachelorette Parties are always on the move, so make every venue change a dance party on the go!


Raise donations for your charity.

Create a party and sell tickets, or simply sell tickets to one of Quiet Events parties.

Fashion Show

Tailor your message like never before

Explain the clothing on one channel, have music on another, and you can even throw a party in the mix.

Fitness Classes

Host 3 types of classes all in one.

You can host three level of intensity of fitness classes all in the same space.

Outdoor Movies

Show 3 movies at once or in different languages

Just connect to a DVD player/projector and stream the movie to everyone’s headphones.


Host 3 types of classes all in one.

You can host three types of yoga styles or levels all in the same space.


A party within a party!

Quiet Clubbing makes weddings unique and memorable. Turn it into a game. You can announce fun directions to your guests.

Mobile Parties

Have You Ever Partied Underground?

A wild underground party through the city’s train system and dancing through the city streets. Everyone that sees you, will want to know what all the excitement is about!

Live Bands / Concerts

As intimate a performance as you can get.

Even Grammy Award Winning Artists have used our headphones, to play directly to crowds, through our headphones!

Quiet Clubbing Party

Take a wild ride on the silent side!

Have your DJ’s (or your mp3 player) play directly through the headphones, to avoid noise complaints.


Any size group can now hear you anywhere!

In a loud city or quiet museum, just speak naturally and everyone can hear you.


A Better Way To Get Your Message Across.

Give info about the artists and work at your exhibit. It’s certain to never be forgotten.

Sporting Events

These headphones bring endless possibilities.

Interested in hearing music? Interested in hearing more commentary about the game?

Quiet Plays & Theater

A whole new experience for shows.

You can hear actors lines without distraction through our headphones. Allow your audience to hear sound live on stage, in new ways that they never could before.


What did you say?

Give directions and explanations in multiple languages on separate channels, so that attendees know what’s going on.

Public Events

Out in public and don’t want to disturb the peace?

With Quiet Events, the party doesn’t have to stop.

Kids Club Parties

Parents & Kids Club Night

Join your kids as they party at one of our nightclubs that are designed especially for kids

Music Festivals 

Totally immersed in the euphoric atmosphere

Take all the elements of a music festival and fully submerge yourself in the music with Quiet Event Headphones.


A getaway experience with your favorite music

Sometimes adding music to the scenery is exactly what you need for a getaway experience.


Enhance your programming

By adding a little fun to your after -dark experience with Quiet Event headphones.


3 Comedians on 1 Stage

Make a battle out the funniest comedians on one stage.

People with Disabilities

Fun for Everyone

The best way to bring everyone together for one event

Listening Parties 

Introduce Your Fans to Your Work

An excellent marketing tool to introduce fans to your work

State Fairs

Bring New Life to Your Event

By adding Quiet Clubbing , an exciting activities for guests of all ages

Noise Ordinance

No more complaints

Keep the party going after midnight without the neighbors calling the cops


One of A Kind Experience

A unique way to connect with your guests

Senior Communities

Engaging with Seniors

Bringing the party to every community

Bar Crawls/ Flash Mobs

Take Your Bar Crawl to the Next Level

 Be The Party