People with Disabilities

It’s sometimes challenging to find events that bring everyone together of different ages, races, backgrounds and experiences where everyone feels the same.  When you put on headphones there’s only two people… those with headphones and those without.
  • Adults find that some kids like participating in these events because they are isolated by the music dancing in their own world, but still are part of the larger party

  • We find that kids with ADHD love these events as they can keep switching between music and dance to their own beat
  • The ability to control the volume and the bass allows for those people who have hearing loss to still enjoy the party

  • Because it’s about the fun headphones, we find those in wheel chairs attend more of these parties then the normal nightlife scene.

  • If you have cochlear implants with the headphone jack attachment, it’s possible to join the party with our belt clips!

  • Cochlear implant compatible