Loss Prevention

One in / One Out

In venues that only have one entrance and exit, this could be an option. Best used for friends and family gatherings when the risk of loss is minimal.


  • Quickest way to check in/out headphones (short / no lines)

  • Manage hundreds/thousands with less staff members

  • The party-goer doesn’t need a credit card or ID

  • Increased customer satisfaction


  • Very hard to ensure all headphones will be returned

  • Headphones may be not be returned and you have to find it throughout the venue

ID Binder

A Quiet Events card is handed out in exchange for a physical ID like a license or credit card that is kept in a binder. Works great for smaller public events.


  • It’s quick to swap an ID for a headphone.

  • At the end of the night you have all the IDs of people who need to return headphones.

  • Easy to swap headphones.


  • Need a lot of staff & ID binders the larger the event.

  • Keeping physical ID’s is risky in the event they are stolen or handed out to the wrong person.

  • Some states are not permitted to take a physical possession of an ID.

  • If there is a large amount of people at the end it takes a lot longer to find the ID, causing a longer line.

  • More challenging for parents that have kids, since they would need to provide more then one ID.

  • If someone loses their ID card, it causes longer lines.


All headphones are equipped with chips that allow for easy and quick check in/out by tapping the headphone to tablets.


  • Ability to customize the tablet with your logo & text message the party-goer receives.

  • 1 party-goer can check out up to 10 headphones, making it much better for family friendly events.

  • Quick check out, by just tapping the headphone on the tablet and choosing the headphones that are returned.

  • Super Quick Check-in! In the event of rain or large venues the headphones can be dropped off in a bin and checked out after the event so there are zero lines.

  • If a headphone is lost, we can identify the individual and charge them.

  • Statistics – We can generate a report on how many people partied, how long they partied and other details.


  • Need WiFi coverage.
  • Need power for events over 5 hours.

Electronic Security Gate

We install two gates connected to a comptuer.  Each headphone has a chip that when passed through the gate has the ability to ring, flash a light, and/or just display an alert on the computer screen to be discrete.


  • Ability to hand out thousands of headphones with no lines.

  • An unobtrusive anti-thief solution

  • Reduces the number of lost headphones.


  • More expensive to implement.

  • Requires a dedicated security & staff member to manage

  • Power is needed to work

  • Must have 1 entrance and 1 exit no larger than 5 feet.