All of your questions to renting silent disco headphones for your private party, conference or event answered.
Where are you guys located?2020-06-15T18:20:50-04:00

We are based out of New York City, but we have offices throughout the USA.

Can we pick up the equipment?2020-06-15T18:14:42-04:00

Yes, you can pick up from one of primary offices in New York City, Austin Texas, Las Vegas or the Bay Area.

What discounts do you offer?2020-06-15T18:21:59-04:00

We offer discounts for non-profit, tax exempt, schools, veterans and churches. We also offer smaller party packs, please inquire with your sales rep.

What do we need to provide to get those discounts?2020-06-15T18:17:55-04:00

For non-profits you will need to provide a 501c3 form and any appropriate tax forms for schools and churches. For veterans we will need your ID Card or DOD form.

Why should we go with you over another company?2020-06-18T12:32:51-04:00

We pride ourselves on quality, transparency and responsiveness, offering 24/7 hour support. You can read more here about why you should work with us.

We’ve had over one hundred 5 star reviews for the past 8 years. You can also see the companies we have worked with here. 

What kind of music do you provide with the mixes?2020-06-15T18:26:28-04:00

We provide clean mixes of Top 40, Hip Hop, and Throwback classics.

How long is each music mix?2020-06-16T16:24:06-04:00

Each mix is 30 minutes long.

Can you download the mixes from your phone?2020-06-15T18:29:36-04:00

Yes, we will provide you with a link once your order is paid in full.

Does your frequency interfere with normal radio frequencies?2020-06-15T18:31:09-04:00

No, they run on 900mh frequency which will not interfere.

What are your frequencies?2020-06-15T18:32:18-04:00

Our party headphones are 923Mhz – 925Mhz and our 10-channel corporate are 920Mhz – 925Mhz.

How do you connect to the transmitter?2020-06-15T18:34:43-04:00

We will provide you with a 3.5mm cable to be plugged into any sound device.

Do you have videos of how it all works?2020-06-16T16:31:41-04:00

We sure do! Check them out HERE.

Do you ship all over the states?2020-06-15T18:38:38-04:00

Yes! We ship worldwide (Shipping fee will apply)

Can you change the colors on the headphones?2020-06-15T18:40:13-04:00

Yes, on the party headphones you will find a switch between red, blue and green. And on the corporate 10-channel headphones, there is a button to switch between 10 different options.

Are the headphones soundproof?2020-06-18T12:56:28-04:00

They are noise cancelling and you can adjust the volume on the headset.

Are the headphones waterproof?2020-06-18T12:58:29-04:00

They are water resistant. We don’t suggest jumping into a pool with them but a little rain sprinkle you will be ok!

How long do the batteries in the headphones last for?2020-06-18T12:56:43-04:00

The headphones arrive with a 12- hour charge.

Are the headphones cleaned and charge upon arrival?2020-06-18T12:56:48-04:00

Yes, we have a very through 5-step cleaning process that our staff follows, when equipment is returned.  At our live events, we provide multi surface wipes that kill 99.9% of germs.

How many days after the event do we have to ship them back?2020-06-18T12:56:54-04:00

You will rent the headphones for a 24 -hour period. Headphones need to be shipped within 2 Business days of the event. We also offer multiple day rentals.

If our event is cancelled what is the refund policy?2020-06-18T12:56:58-04:00

Once the contract is signed we will take a 20% deposit. That deposit is non-refundable.

If we are fully paid but need to reschedule is there a fee?2020-06-18T12:57:04-04:00

We will need your new event date and will update the invoice, there is no fee. If the equipment has been shipped already, you are liable for that shipments rerouting fee.

What are the fees for lost or missing equipment?2020-06-18T12:57:09-04:00

Headphones are $50 each if they are lost or damaged.  Transmitters are $150 each if lost, $100 if they are damaged, a full list can we found on the contract

Do you provide on-site support?2020-06-18T12:57:14-04:00

Yes! For a fee you can have a Quiet Events manager on-site to troubleshoot and help run the event.

Is there anyone available after hours if I have trouble with my event?2020-06-18T12:57:18-04:00

Yes, please call (800) 833-9281 for 24/7 support.

What’s the difference in your headphone styles?2020-06-18T12:57:23-04:00

You can see options here. They range from 3 channel to 10 channel and also belt clips.

Do we have to pay in full when renting?2020-06-18T12:57:27-04:00

We will take a 20% non-refundable deposit upon receiving the contract and the final payment 7 days before we send the shipment out.  If the contract is signed within 2 weeks of the event, we take full payment.

When does full payment have to be made?2020-06-18T12:57:31-04:00

7 days before we ship the equipment to you.

How early do we get the equipment when shipped?2020-06-18T12:57:35-04:00

1-3 days before your event.