All of your questions to renting silent disco headphones for your private party, conference or event answered.
Where are you guys located?2020-06-15T18:20:50-04:00

We are based out of New York City, but we have offices throughout the USA.

Can we pick up the equipment?2020-06-15T18:14:42-04:00

Yes, you can pick up from one of primary offices in New York City, Austin Texas, Las Vegas or the Bay Area.

What discounts do you offer?2020-06-15T18:21:59-04:00

We offer discounts for non-profit, tax exempt, schools, veterans and churches. We also offer smaller party packs, please inquire with your sales rep.

What do we need to provide to get those discounts?2020-06-15T18:17:55-04:00

For non-profits you will need to provide a 501c3 form and any appropriate tax forms for schools and churches. For veterans we will need your ID Card or DOD form.

Why should we go with you over another company?2020-06-18T12:32:51-04:00

We pride ourselves on quality, transparency and responsiveness, offering 24/7 hour support. You can read more here about why you should work with us.

We’ve had over one hundred 5 star reviews for the past 8 years. You can also see the companies we have worked with