Meet the DJs

DJ Izzy E
DJ Izzy E(Eze Ramos)
Genres: Open Format

Ezequiel “Eze” Ramos, also known as DJ Izzy E, has been mixing music and pleasing partiers for close to two decades. He is widely known in South Florida, where he got his start. In 2003, he started DJing for Latin Beat Dance Studios at events such as Hollywood Hispanic Fest, socials, and countless parties. In 2005, Eze made the move to the New York/NewJersey/Metro area where he continues to innovate and excite partygoers alike to his specific brand of International flavor. In 2011, Eze joined Quiet Events as their resident DJ. Also recently added to his extensive repertoire of services is a multi-song album of karaoke music available upon request.

DJ NSEW(Adrian M. Fernandez)
Genres: Open Format

I go by the name of DJ NSEW, which stands for “North, South, East, West,” because I play music from all four corners of the world. I am a Brooklyn-born, Queens-raised and military trained, which involved 11 years of service in the Marines, partly in wartime conditions. But ever since I was a very young man, I’ve had a passion for music, and now I decided to put my love for music onto vinyl which made me a dedicated DJ.

DJ And2
DJ And2 (Saleem Ahmed)
Genres: Hip-Hop, R&B, EDM, House, Dance, Top 40/Pop, Reggae, Latin, African, Funk, Mashups

A seasoned Quiet Events vet for #TeamBlue, And2 has been controlling dance floors – as a hobby and now professionally – for nearly 15 years. His uniquely dynamic open-format sound has traveled all over New York, landing opening sets for Afrojack and Martin Solveig in the basement of the legendary Pacha; since then, he’s also performed at VIP Room, Cielo, Catch, DL, Motivo, Brooklyn Bowl, Hotel Chantelle, Skyroom, and Hudson Terrace, among other premier venues. Whether it’s house, hip-hop, reggae or Latin, you never know what you’re getting into at an And2 party, but always be prepared to dance!

DJ DICE(Anthony Mero)
Genres: House, Hip Hop, Top 40, Reggae, Latin

Anthony was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. He loves thrills and new adventures. He got into music because he was a always a party-goer. One day, he decided to try out his Dj skills at home, since then it’s been love for music!!
He has a diverse library and plays everything from Latin to Top 40 and anything in between.

DJ Banks
DJ Banks(Banks St Phard)
Genres: Electro & Progressive House

Banks is best known for his Remixes-Mashups & live dj sets playing edm – trap – hiphop etc…
Banks early life was always connected to music. Growing up in Haiti, he was exposed to Caribbean sounds which initiated his passion for music. As a young musician he was interested In percussions and for many years played the drums in various bands in the Haitian music industry. In 2011, Banks decided to take music to a different level and attended Scratch Academy in NYC to learn the basics of djing/producing.

He began his DJ career early in 2013 at the famous Gansevoort Hotel, since then he has done guest sets in venues like: FC Gotham, Hudson Grille, Monarch Rooftop, and the Attic Rooftop Lounge.

SANiTY(Demitri Kesoglides)
Genres: Genres: Commercial EDM, Underground House/Techno, Hip-Hop/Trap, Top 40/Pop, Reggae/Dancehall, Contemporary Latin/Classics, Throwbacks/Mashups

Demitri Kesoglides, a.k.a. SANiTY (or DJ SANiTY), has been cutting his teeth in the NYC nightlife circuit for over 7 years now. Hailing from Queens, the 26 year old has a diverse ethnic background which definitely lends itself to his varied taste in music. SANiTY’s flexibility as a DJ shows in his live sets, as he plays to many different types of crowds — ranging from upscale venues (Greenhouse, Highline Ballroom, The DL) to underground venues (The Electric Warehouse, The Paper Box, The Hangar, among other venues in Brooklyn), as well as some of NYC’s premier concert venues for EDM (Pacha, Stage 48, and Webster Hall). Upon graduating with his Bachelor’s Degree in Management of Musical Enterprises from Baruch College, and subsequently his Master’s Degree in Music Business from NYU, SANiTY has shifted focus from the business side of the industry to developing himself as an artist. As producing original music has now taken precedent, SANiTY is experimenting to find his ‘sound’ – a cross between progressive, electro, urban, groovy, and g-house styles along with open-format mixing techniques.