Hyperacusis is a very rare debilitating hearing disorder characterized by an increased sensitivity to certain volume ranges of sound and frequencies.

A person with severe hyperacusis has difficulty tolerating everyday sounds from 15 decibels or louder, which becomes painful or loud. It can make it very challenging to attend events with live DJs, concerts, and any venue with loud noise.

Quiet Events has the solution for everyone at an event to enjoy the music and sounds, by offering guests silent disco headphones to wear. Each headphone has its own volume control so the audio can be as loud or as soft as one desires.

These headphones can be used at parties, such as a silent disco, or at birthday parties and weddings. Not only can you control the volume on the headphones, but you also can switch through different audio stations on the actual headphone.

Ideas for People with Hyperacusis

Let’s say you want to have a wedding but one of the guests has this challenge. Throughout the DJ set or live music portion of the party, all of the guests can wear the headphones. One channel can we the bride’s favorite music, one channel can be the groom’s favorite tunes and the third can be light jazz for the non-dancers.

The DJ can make announcements over all three channels. Your guests with hyperacusis will have the ability to choose what volume to hear the sounds and still participate, without being in pain.

Quiet Events is all about inclusivity for all ages, disabilities, and impairments. Search for a silent disco near your home town here to participate in a party that includes everyone.

Or learn how you can include headphones at your event here. Our sales specialists will help you to make your event special. 

Man sushing Using Headphones for Hyperacusis