Silent disco parties have regained momentum in recent years. Early on they were used at music festivals, but the trend has now surpassed the main stages. Today, they are being used for various types of events, some of which we’ve hosted. They’ve become popular for conferences, fitness classes and of course, wedding receptions. If you are thinking about arranging your own silent disco, here are a few pointers to help you on your way.

Headphones are Key

When it comes to arranging a silent disco you shouldn’t focus solely on costs. Your event doesn’t have to be extravagant to be successful, but there are aspects that you shouldn’t just try to save money on.

It goes without saying, headphones are a prerequisite for your overall enjoyment at a silent disco. Whether you go for over-the-ear style or your own in-ear headphones (with the use of a belt clip), it’s worth going for some that are on the higher end rather than inexpensive models. The more expensive headphones have usually passed through tests to help protect the consumer’s hearing.

The World Health Organization has warned that a billion teens and young adults are at risk of hearing loss due to loud music.  That makes it even more important to look after your ears when attending musical events. Most festivals have large speakers blaring audio, with some being extremely close to the front row revelers. Alternatively, silent discos allow you to listen to music at your desired level with a volume control on the headset.

Three live DJ's on a stage

Lighting has quite an impact on the appeal and success of a silent disco. Luckily this doesn’t have to be complicated. A simple lighting set up on stage, using LED light, can be a good way of bringing people in. For example, we use colors that match our glowing headphones (blue, red and green) to bring it all together.

Additionally, handing out glow sticks can be a simple and very effective way of creating a party atmosphere. It gets the audience excited and adds another visual element to the nightlife scene.

Don’t Forget Wireless Transmitters

In order for people to hear music through their headphones, you will need a wireless transmitter. The transmitter sends audio signals out through radio frequency.

You should consider the size and materials (makeup) of the venue as these factors may impact wireless signals, which in turn can affect the overall enjoyment of the event.

Of course, Quiet Events has all the necessary equipment to ensure that your event is one to remember, for all the good reasons. Head over to our rentals page to check out the hardware!

Guest writer: Karoline Gore

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