Largest Silent Disco in the World!

On February 13th 2019, Life.Church hosted the largest multi-location silent disco ever. Spanning 30 locations across 9 states, Quiet Events is proud to have helped by supplying 10,000 headphones & 90 transmitters for a night that won’t be forgotten!

During the night everyone turned to the red channel to sing “Symphony“, the debut EP from Switch.

Quiet Events was the only company that had the equipment and resources to take on an event like this.  To help keep costs as low as possible,  the team drove 3,000 miles round trip from New York City to Oklahoma  City with 7,000 headphones while 3,000 other headphones were shipped to their designated locations.

This silent party was one of epic proportions with full lighting, stage, smoke, and three DJs keeping everyone dancing and singing.   There was even a point in the night when everyone played the game “telephone”.  One person on red listening to loud music, while the other one on blue was getting a phrase from the pastor.  They then had to get their teammate to guess it outloud.

Quiet Events is proud to have been part of the largest multi-location silent disco ever and look forward to putting on even larger ones in the future.

Check out the video here:

Kids are all in