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Drive in movie theater with cars


The Quiet Events TX-FM108 is perfect for any occasion that requires broadcasting out audio to a large group of people that have a FM receiver in their car or personal FM radios.

If someone does not have an FM receiver in their car, this system can be used in combination with our dual mobile transmitter and belt clip.

How does it work?

Plug in your audio device in the TX-FM108 using a 3.5mm cable. Then tune your FM radio receiver (car radio) to the same FM frequency on the transmitter.

For example,  tune the TX-FM108 to 106.80 as shown on the right and in your or FM device tune into the same frequency 106.80 to listen in.

FM Transmitter for drive ins


  • Better quality sound/control the volume
  • Ability to offer audio to those that are not in cars or do not have cars
  • Hear multiple languages in the same vehicle
  • Offer multiple content in the same car, up to 3 movies at once
  • Electric cars can turn off if needed, as the sound comes from the transmitter.
  • Avoid car batteries dying, just from using the radio.

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Party Style Headphones


Superb base for those high intensity silent fitness class that you want to feel the music throughout your body.

Quiet Events Headphones

Corporate Elite

The perfect SilentYoga headphone that has HD audio quality that sounds amazing when talking over relaxing music.

New Generation Headphones

Belt Clips

Don’t want to use our headphones? no problem, Bring your own headphones and connect into our system

Corporate Headphones


Looking for a headphone that doesn’t have huge LEDs on them, then this is your style headphone.

Special Needs

Benefits of Our Equipment


Make your event stand out by adding your logo to the headphones and our exclusive check-in /out system.

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Branding Headphones
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