Celebrity, Norwegian, Carnival, and Princess Cruise lines are just some of the ships that have been throwing silent discos for their passengers for over seven years.

So why would a cruise line want to throw a silent party where everyone wears headphones?

Cruise lines use silent discos as their nightlife entertainment on the ships because it lessens the noise for those trying to sleep in cabins close by. Additionally, it allows the entertainment director to create a party that spans across different nationalities, ages, and music tastes.  With 3 different channels of music for people to choose from, different genres can be concerted to make an all inclusive experience.

The dynamics of having three different genres also allows you to create different themed nights. Create a Latin party with one channel playing salsa/bachata, a decades night with everyone’s favorite disco cuts, or a raging EDM party for the electric lovers.

We’ve had success with these type of events. Our city cruise silent disco parties are one of our more popular events. It’s on a smaller scale compared to the massive cruise ships, but the level of excitement is the same.  Party-goers love the revelry on the high seas river!

Seeing is believing, so come check out one of our upcoming cruise parties in New York City! Next up is our Booze Cruise on September 21st followed by our frightfully fun, Halloween Boo’ze Cruise, on October 25th!

Groove with the Fam!