Kids with ADD or ADHD love Silent Discos

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At the age of 17 William Petz, the CEO of Quiet Events, was diagnosed with Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, ADHD.  Having friends and family being diagnosed with the disorder as well, he is all too familiar with the challenges and stigmas that come along with it.

In 2017 Quiet Events started hosting dedicated kid silent discos so that parents that were having so much fun at night could take their kids to experience it during the day time.   Parents quickly noticed that their kids who would run around, scream, and be destructive were more focused at a Quiet Event silent disco.

In 2017 Quiet Events started hosting silent discos for kids so that children could have the fun experience during the daytime that their parents were having at night.

Wearing a pair of headphones changes the dynamics in three major ways which help cope with children  with ADD or ADHD.

  1. >Quiet Events headphones block out any external noise distractions that may cause a child to change their focus.
  2. Having three stations to switch between gives you the control to change anytime if the child gets bored.
  3. The Quiet Event DJs put on a show by talking to the crowd, making them scream, sing, dance, and building an interactive experience that keeps their attention.

Additionally, when not treated some kids that grow up find it harder socialize with others and feeling accepted in groups.  That is what makes being party of a silent disco where everyone wears headphones so unique.  When you wear headphones, everyone comes together to sing and dance, yet others can party in their own world without being judged.

Quiet Events is always looking for ways to bring people together, have fun and enjoy music in ways that were not possible before.  If you have a story about how Quiet Events affected you or your children, we’d love to hear it.  Please email us and let us know?

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