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Conferences, Meetings, Expos and other gatherings in which people interact, learn, listen and watch content have been upgraded utilizing Quiet Events headphones.   From small intimate meetings of 10 to large corporate expos with 10,000+ attendees like Amazon AWS and Sales Force sales meetings;  Event planners have been using Quiet Events silent disco headphones for more then just parties with 3 DJs.

So why are headphones becoming the standard for meeting events?


  • One Expo hall can now become 10 meeting rooms, 10 additional demo areas, etc.
  • Meeting room space can be divided into multiple breakouts.
  • Multiple meetings can be live streamed to additional content space.
  • Benefits large and small clients, individual presentations can be of any audience size.
  • F&B delivered in active space without distracting audience.
  • Meetings, parties, and events can happen in outdoor spaces that have noise restrictions.
  • Create new spaces for meetings: Rooftops, parking lots, parks, even hallways.


  • More attentive listening as speakers are talking directly to the viewer vs. to a large crowd over speakers.
  • Less distractions from people around you, side discussions, phone calls, shuffling papers, etc…
  • No audio degradation / echoing due to distance, art installations, open spaces, ceiling height, etc..


  • Participants don’t need to walk around to rooms or buildings to the next session.
  • Quicker session turn around as you don’t need to wait for people to move to a room.
  • Just add more headphones if a session is in high demand and/or switch channel to a neighboring presentation in the same room.
  • Allow attendees to jump in/out of sessions by a flip of a switch without moving rooms.


  • If a speaker does not show or there is technical difficulties the audience can tune into another session in the meantime.
  • Get statics by visually seeing the color of the headphone.
  • Adjust the volume for those that are hearing sensitive / impaired. Used as an assisted listening device.
  • People love the visual aspects and overall experience.
  • Multi-Langue services can be streamed on the channels.
  • Sell Sponsored activations within the same space: example, F&B, coffee bar, turn keys, etc..
  • Wider range of audio pricing options for clients that have budget constraints.

Quiet Events has multiple types of headphones for different styles of conferences. 2, 3, 10 channel headphones, ones with bright LED displays or discreet headphones with no lights.  To learn more and get pricing for your event submit a quote.

On a conference everyone is in Red Headphones