Quiet Events Inc. has hosted thousands of individual events worldwide, with one event consisting of 10,000 headphones across 30 cities in the U.S. But even that doesn’t compare to what was achieved Monday morning (afternoon or night, depending on where you were located during IndexExchange).  Quiet Events is proud to be the first Silent Disco company, with the help of our international partners [Silent Disco King (London) and Silent Systems (Italy)] along with, BlueJeans streaming conference system, to pull of the first worldwide simultaneous silent disco dance party across 10 locations in 6 countries (France, Germany, Canada, United States, Italy and England). Three DJ’s were streamed spinning live music at an IndexExchange office that you not only could hear, but watch!

With little lead time, IndexExchange approached Quiet Events to create an experience for their employees to celebrate their hard work and growth to 500 employees. Quiet Events takes a “we can do anything” approach, so when asked if we could put together a party for all of them, we said, “Of course!”

At each IndexExchange location, using the BlueJeans video conference platform, we were able to create this global party.  The live DJs in each city: @DJYourHonor in New York, @djcraigbrooklyn in Toronto, and @Matty_Stark in London, setup BlueJeans, dialed into the conference, and then streamed their sets. Each party location then joined into the “meeting”.  With their silent disco headphones, the employees could switch between each DJ, thus creating the first worldwide silent disco party!

Quiet Events is excited to continue using the BlueJeans technology for more multi-location experiential events. Not just music for parties but for fitness, conferences, and other events that will bring people together like never before.

Enjoying the vibe with Headphones