• Event Planning

    We have a staff of expert event and party planners who have organized large events from public outdoor dance parties, conferences, trade shows, movies, and theatrical performances to small intimate gatherings. After submitting your request for a quote, a party expert will call you within 24 hours (usually within 2) to understand exactly what you would like to achieve.

    Because Quiet Events® manages 5-7 events per week across the country from 30 to 3,000+ person events; our planners are creative and well versed in all the logistics in putting on a unique, fun, and safe event.

    It’s not required, but for larger events we do offer onsite event planners & staff to assist with any of your Quiet Event needs.

  • Lighting

    Turn any parking lot, backyard, or any ordinary space into the hottest night club by adding a stage, some lights, and decorations.
    Quiet Events® has partnered with several industry leading event planning/equipment companies across the country to be able to provide your guests with a presentation that will have them amazed.
    However, the best part about Quiet Clubbing® is that you don’t need a big production for everyone to have fun!

  • DJ & MC Services

    It’s NOT required to use our DJ and/or any DJ. You can simply connect our equipment to an iPhone to get the party started (see video). However, if you want the full experience of what Quiet Clubbing® is we would recommend using one of our 65 DJs.
    DJ’ing for Quiet Clubbing is different than your normal parties. If you choose one of our featured experienced DJ’s they’ll know not only how to setup the equipment, but how to quickly get the party started.

  • Staffing

    Setup is super simple, but if you want we have a large staff that can be onsite to setup the equipment, train your guests, manage the inventory using one of our loss protection methods, and clean and pack the headphones.
    We recommend for larger events that one of our staff members to be there to ensure that the experience for your guests is the best it can be.

  • Branding

    Highlight your brand, company, or charity by adding your logo on the side of the headphones.

    The Quiet Events team will print, sticker, and remove the stickers.  All you need to do is provide us with the image(s) that you want to use.

    There are two sides of the headphones so you can add up to 2 different stickers.