Branding Quiet Events’s Branding team will help you put on the best event possible.

Headphone Branding

Using a 1″ non-adhesive sticker you have the ability to put a logo, image or any text on the outside of our headphones.  We create the sticker, apply it and remove it so there’s no additional work other then enjoying the event you have to deal with.

App Branding

Our exclusive check in/out process has the ability to be branded with simply a logo or a full customized user experience on every screen.

SMS Branding

While using our exclusive check in/out process, your guests will receive a SMS/text message to their phone. One for when they have checked out their equipment and another, when they have checked out. These messages can be customized to direct them to your website, download an app or simply be a personal message.


Check in/out App