Headphone Rental Equipment

Whether you’re planning a festival requiring 10,000+ headphones or a birthday party with just 30 guests, Quiet Events® has you covered; we ship worldwide! Set-up is super simple. It’s as easy as using your headphones on any media player with an audio jack. See below for our demo video. Prices range from $2.75 to $5.00 per headphone depending on the quantity and with multi-day discounts.  We also offer a wide range of other services including: DJs, staffing, and stage & lighting.*

*After meeting minimum order.

Party Headphones

Two massive LED lights on both sides allow them to be seen from a distance. The superior bass makes Party-goers dance all night. Excellent for night dance parties, weddings, and outdoor events to draw others in.

Belt Clip

Bring your own headphones or earbuds and plug in to be able to switch between the three stations with a flip of the switch. Great for theater performances, or working with a headphone sponsor.

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Corporate Headphones

All black with small LED light on the front. Flip out design, so they wear comfortably around the neck. Perfect for corporate functions, conferences, social gatherings, and outdoor movies.

Benefits of our equipment:

  • 12 hour battery life (fully charged)
  • Up to 3 channels of audio w/ LED lights (Blue, Red, Green)
  • Professional sound quality (Less than 1% distortion)
  • Over the ear style, cutting down on most outside noise
  • Works up to over 1,500 feet from the base (over 3 football fields long)
  • 3 individual transmitters that can be placed anywhere
  • All equipment is clean & sanitized before sending
  • Super simple setup! Plug & Play

Instructional Videos

Headphone Overview

How to Setup