The Loop (Canada)

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Pardon our French! Quiet Events Canada Division was recently spotted in Ottawa. We’ve actually been in Canada for years! Between The Calgary Stampede, Glowfair and our Toronto Parties… There’s nothing “new” about Quiet Events being in Canada! Yes, we’re “aptly named!”

Check out this article by The Loop about our recent Ottawa Event.

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Clubjimay Designs – 10.13.2015

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Clubjimay Designs captured a great video of our Official New York Comic Con After-Party, with a solid feature in their posting. The portion about us starts right at the halfway mark and runs all the way through the duration of the video.

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New York Post – 09.30.2015

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New York Post – “Juice Crawls Are The Death Knell Of New York Nightlife.”

The New York Post came out to our juice crawl last week and did an incredible write-up, capturing the fun and excitement of the night. This was the first time that we had ever done a juice crawl, as opposed to our usual bar crawls, so needless to say we had no idea what to expect, so we’re glad to have this article out there that captured how well this one really went down and needless to say, we would love to do more, as that scene continues to grow. Check out the full article, to learn more about how the night went for these juice lovers.

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Enhanced Minds Inc. – 09.23.2015

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EnhancedMinds.com – “2015 Quiet Clubbing Party – Plaza 33.”

Enhanced Minds Inc. came out to our free party at Plaza 33, this past Sunday and did a solid write-up on just what it was that we were able to bring to the table. On top of a general article post, they also put together a great video montage of how the day went down, that included an interview with our C.E.O. “William Petz,” as well as interviews with party-goers that were really excited about how the whole thing went down. Definitely be sure to check out the full article, to see what Mr. Petz and the other party people had to say.

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Bizbash.com – 09.20.2015

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Bizbash.com – “The Latest Event Trend? Silence”

Bizbash put together a solid write-up on the growth of the quiet clubbing phenomenon and even included a slideshow of people wearing our Quiet Events headphones out at events. They also went on to talk about the events that we’ve held at Lincoln Center this summer and gave us a solid mention as having been the ones to put those together.

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Mic.com – 09.17.2015

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Mic.com – “All The Best Clubs May Soon Be Silent Discos.”

Mic.com seized the opportunity to do a great write-up covering a wide spectrum of the quiet clubbing scene, talking about how these sorts of events are picking up very quickly. It spans numerous organizations involved in the scene and included us in the mix, as one of the movers and shakers making it happen. Check out the full article, if you are interested in learning more about what these sorts of events are all about and how much fun they can be!

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Mashable – 09.02.2015

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Mashable – “12 Of The Most Unique Events Around The World.” #11 Quiet Clubbing

Needless to say, making Mashable’s list of 12 of the most unique events around the world, was an absolute thrill for us and we felt very lucky to have been able to make t on here. Needless to say, making anyone’s top 12 is a good day but under that headline, on THAT site? This was a very exciting write-up and goes to show that Quiet Clubbing is gaining more visibility than ever before 🙂

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New York Times – 6.17.15

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New York Times – “Silent Discos Let You Dance to Your Own Beat”

New York Times did a story on the phenomena of Silent Disco. Explaining that it is “clubbing for people who don’t want to be subjected to the will of one D.J. for the evening and, because the wearer controls the volume, clubbing for people who don’t want ringing ears and sore throats the next morning.”

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