Virtual Online DJ Battles: The New Way To Party at Home

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Live Streaming with Quiet Events

Do you miss in-person silent discos and the ability to switch between three live DJ’s as much as we do? Then look no further, Quiet Events has found a fun way you can still enjoy a silent disco at home, no equipment except internet access required!

We have created the most interactive live steaming service that incorporates three live DJ’s, the ability to comment, like and request songs, and even tip your favorite performer.

With the current situation and everyone staying indoors to stay safe, live streaming is the best and fastest way to capture your audience’s attention and watch free music live. Now is the time to engage with your audience, to keep the buzz alive about your event space or performers, so they will want to visit your venue, once our situation changes.

Our program gives you the ability to stream three live DJ’s at the same time from the comfort of your own home. Your audience is given the ability to switch back and forth between the DJ’s. They can like their favorite performer and see who “wins” at the end of each performance.

The program allows the user to participate in a chat room, speaking to the other people on the stream, as well as request songs. At any time, the user can also tip their favorite silent disco DJ.

Why Watch a Free Music Live Stream?

As a user, you can party alongside people from around the world, choosing which music you and your family want to hear. Switch back and forth between the DJ’s and chat with other listeners. Dance with your family and friends from the safety of your home. Our service provides multiple channels and time slots, to give people options on when they can listen.

Love theme nights? We offer those as well. From decades battles to favorite hip hop DJ’s, Quiet Events live streaming events have everything you need to throw your own silent disco without needing any equipment at all.

Why Create a Live Stream Event?

When platforms like Instagram and Facebook began to introduce video as a content format, the response was very positive. 55% of people said they would pay closer attention to live video than any other form of content.

Unfortunately, only the companies with the right access to video equipment and editing software can get ahead with recorded material. The development of our live streaming platform changes everything. We can help you to create an event that will keep your audience engaged, while staying safe at home, to promote your product.

By live streaming with Quiet Events, you can create eye-catching content that captures the attention and respect of customers. Benefits include:

  • Increased engagement: Live video gives businesses a new way to showcase their performers and venue.  
  • Create a buzz: While we wait to get back to our favorite venues, you can introduce what’s to come and what offers they may receive upon return.
  • Connect with your audience: Raw video with interactive DJ’s makes customers feel more connected to brands.
  • Learn how to stream multiple DJ’s at once: We will provide the How To for your performers, so they have an amazing show
  • Be innovative! Who else can say you are doing this? 3 Live DJ’s battling it out while the user gets to call the shots is extremely eye catching and engaging!
  • Optimize: We give you the ability to track how well a performer is doing, how many people watched the live stream and interacted through the event

Why host a Virtual battle?

  • It’s different: As everyone searches for unique online content to keep people entertained. Quiet Events is the only one able to deliver this.
  • Interactive: You are now part of the performance. You determine who wins by smashing the like button for your favorite DJ.  Use the chat to ask for shout outs or request songs.
  • Social: Our patent pending chat gives people the ability to filter by comments to each DJ or the entire battle. It’s like your own private club.
  • FOMO: Fear of missing out is the key to the software success. We show the audience who’s watching which DJ at that moment with three things:  Floating likes,  DJs videos and color-coded comments. The party-goer is continuously wanting to switch channels, to find out what they are missing out on.

How to Start Live Streaming and Work with Quiet Events

Come watch us live at https://live.quietevents.com/ at one of our multiple live stream events.

Want to help with brand exposure and throw your own live stream event? Email info@quietevents.com to find out more!

Virtual DJ Battle

The Loop (Canada)

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Pardon our French! Quiet Events Canada Division was recently spotted in Ottawa. We’ve actually been in Canada for years! Between The Calgary Stampede, Glowfair and our Toronto Parties… There’s nothing “new” about Quiet Events being in Canada! Yes, we’re “aptly named!”

Check out this article by The Loop about our recent Ottawa Event.

Learn More: (Website) (PDF)

It’s in Queens

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Silent Discos are being thrown all over Queens from Free Family Friendly events at local parks to outdoor beer gardens as well as bars and clubs!

Quiet Clubbing events is fun for all ages and walks of life.

Learn more: (Website)(PDF)

Time Out NY – 6.24.16

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Time Out NY Featured our Coney Island Subway Firework Party in their print issue as well as on their website in the Critic’s Picks as a thing to do in your Perfect Weekend! We totally agree, Quiet Clubbing Subway Parties are the essential part of perfect weekends.

Learn more: (Website)

Clubjimay Designs – 10.13.2015

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Clubjimay Designs captured a great video of our Official New York Comic Con After-Party, with a solid feature in their posting. The portion about us starts right at the halfway mark and runs all the way through the duration of the video.

Learn More: (YouTube)

New York Post – 09.30.2015

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New York Post – “Juice Crawls Are The Death Knell Of New York Nightlife.”

The New York Post came out to our juice crawl last week and did an incredible write-up, capturing the fun and excitement of the night. This was the first time that we had ever done a juice crawl, as opposed to our usual bar crawls, so needless to say we had no idea what to expect, so we’re glad to have this article out there that captured how well this one really went down and needless to say, we would love to do more, as that scene continues to grow. Check out the full article, to learn more about how the night went for these juice lovers.

Learn More: (Website)

Enhanced Minds Inc. – 09.23.2015

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EnhancedMinds.com – “2015 Quiet Clubbing Party – Plaza 33.”

Enhanced Minds Inc. came out to our free party at Plaza 33, this past Sunday and did a solid write-up on just what it was that we were able to bring to the table. On top of a general article post, they also put together a great video montage of how the day went down, that included an interview with our C.E.O. “William Petz,” as well as interviews with party-goers that were really excited about how the whole thing went down. Definitely be sure to check out the full article, to see what Mr. Petz and the other party people had to say.

Learn More: (Website)

Bizbash.com – 09.20.2015

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Bizbash.com – “The Latest Event Trend? Silence”

Bizbash put together a solid write-up on the growth of the quiet clubbing phenomenon and even included a slideshow of people wearing our Quiet Events headphones out at events. They also went on to talk about the events that we’ve held at Lincoln Center this summer and gave us a solid mention as having been the ones to put those together.

Learn More: (Website)

Mic.com – 09.17.2015

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Mic.com – “All The Best Clubs May Soon Be Silent Discos.”

Mic.com seized the opportunity to do a great write-up covering a wide spectrum of the quiet clubbing scene, talking about how these sorts of events are picking up very quickly. It spans numerous organizations involved in the scene and included us in the mix, as one of the movers and shakers making it happen. Check out the full article, if you are interested in learning more about what these sorts of events are all about and how much fun they can be!

Learn more: (Website)

Mashable – 09.02.2015

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Mashable – “12 Of The Most Unique Events Around The World.” #11 Quiet Clubbing

Needless to say, making Mashable’s list of 12 of the most unique events around the world, was an absolute thrill for us and we felt very lucky to have been able to make t on here. Needless to say, making anyone’s top 12 is a good day but under that headline, on THAT site? This was a very exciting write-up and goes to show that Quiet Clubbing is gaining more visibility than ever before 🙂

Learn More: (Website)