How to Host Fitness Classes During COVID- 19

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With gyms, fitness centers, dance and yoga studios, and other health and wellness businesses closed around the world, people are looking for ways to get fit, while still staying socially distant.

If you are working from home, you may find that you are sitting for more extended periods. Changes in your daily routines, such as caring for children who are home from school, may make it more challenging to find time to exercise.

You want to stay fit and not put on the quarantine 15, but how can you do that if your favorite fitness classes are canceled?

Quiet Events has the solution to get you off of Zoom and into a real live fitness class.  Gyms and fitness studios around the world are buying and renting Quiet Events silent disco headphones and wireless microphones so that instructors can now coach their students in an outdoor setting while staying socially distant during working out.

Not only can the members hear music streaming into their headphones, but the instructor can also save their voice, by calling out commands into the microphone, and the member won’t lose a beat.   Plus since the audio is going into the headphones, you won’t get any noise complaints from your neighbors.

I am a personal trainer, how can I help my clients stay fit during the pandemic?

Go to QuietEvents.com for a quote today so they can walk you through your options.  They can send you the equipment or you can pick up headphones at one of their offices around the US and Canada and they can show you exactly how easy it is to teach a class with silent disco headphones.

How can I workout during COVID 19?

Reach out to your favorite gym or fitness studio that has closed due to the pandemic. Let them know you will feel safe by wearing these headphones in an outdoor space so you can avoid the dreaded corona cushion!

Silent Zumba Headphone
How to workout during COVID

I am a gym owner, how can I host a silent disco fitness classes during COVID-19?

You can host fitness classes anywhere!  In a park, on the beach, or even your facilities’ parking lot.  Mark spaces on the ground so your members can feel safe by standing six feet away from the other members.

With Quiet Events Silent Disco technology, you have the ability to switch between multiple channels which could be different music or an entirely different class happening at the same time by multiple live instructors.

Safety and keeping everything sanitary is key!  Quiet Events offers the ability to wear belt clips if the guests would prefer to use their own headphones. They also sell disposable covers for the silent disco headphones so the guests can feel 100% protected.

Many fitness studios are also purchasing equipment to sell to their clients so they have their own pair to use at every class.  Quiet Events has the world’s first Silent Disco RF/Bluetooth version so people can use their headphones with their phones when not in the class!

The importance of working out during COVID-19 Pandemic

WHO recommends 150 minutes of moderate-intensity or 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity physical activity per week for adults, or a combination of both. The guidance is intended for people in self-quarantine without any symptoms or diagnosis of acute respiratory illness.

Exercise boosts the immune system: Research shows that regular, moderate-intensity exercise has immune-boosting benefits that may help your body fight off infections, including COVID-19.

Exercise may prevent weight gain: Exercise can help you burn extra calories caused by dietary changes and offset the effects of sedentary activities.

Exercise reduces stress and anxiety: Exercise is a proven mood-booster and can help adults reduce stress levels and build emotional resilience.

Exercise improves sleep: There is evidence that suggests regular exercise helps you fall asleep faster and improves sleep quality — and getting a good night’s sleep has also been found to boost your immune system.

Are you interested in working out with headphones? Head to Quiet Events to learn more!

The King of Staten Island: Pete Davidson Attends a Silent Disco!

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Quiet Events is on the big screen! We don’t know about you, but we are super excited to see Pete Davidson star in his new movie, the King Of Staten Island.

Judd Apatow (Knocked Up, The 40-Year-Old Virgin) directs Saturday Night Live breakout Pete Davidson in a bracing comedy about love, loss and laughter on Staten Island.

You will see Quiet Events Headphones being used at a silent disco that Pete’s character attends!

The story follows “Scott” as he navigates life as a 20- something, dealing with the loss of his father, his constantly exhausted mother (Marisa Tomei) who starts dating a loud mouth fire fighter (Bill Burr), all the while smoking weed and hanging out with his buddies.

Since once of the most fun things to do in Staten Island is a silent disco, of course Scott and his buddies had to attend. The silent disco in Staten Island scene was made possible by a partnership with Quiet Events. We cannot wait to see the movie on Live Stream starting June 12th, 2020!  

Stream the movie and catch us in the Staten Island silent disco scene, from the comfort of your home on any of these platforms.

Watch the trailer for the King of Staten Island: CLICK HERE

king of staten island

Netflix Series Pandemic: Silent Disco After Party

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At the time of this post the Coronavirus is affecting thousands of people in China.  Our hearts and prayers go out to those that have been affected by this outbreak.  Our blog in no way makes light of the situation.  Our intention is to highlight the timely Netflix series and how our parties relate to it.

The team from Pandemic, a Netflix original documentary, came out to celebrate the finale at our Silent Disco party at Pier 23 in San Francisco.

An epidemic occurs when a disease affects a greater number people than is usual for the locality or one that spreads to areas not usually associated with the disease. A pandemic is an epidemic of world-wide proportions. This fits in perfectly to the silent disco industry and how people interact at a party.

In 2007, silent disco was a small party of just a few people.  It was one channel, no colored lights on the headphones, and everyone called it a “silent disco”.  Just like a virus, the trend of a silent disco spread throughout the world.  Similarly to a bad virus, this one changes as it evolves, one channel turned to 2, then 3, and even 30 plus channels.  The terms have changed from silent disco, quiet clubbing, silent party, silent disco and so many others.  When you step back and look at how it’s impacted the world, it’s clear this is a good epidemic of pandemic proportions.

For a more micro-level, when you’re dancing at a Quiet Events’ silent disco party, there are three DJ’s.  The headphones change colors based on what you are listening to.  Similar to a Pandemic of a virus, if everyone is on blue “the norm” and one person switches to red, those around them want to listen to what that person is listening to, so then others turn to red, until everyone is on red.  This happens hundreds of times a night, switching back and forth between music like a virus that you catch visually.

Take a look at the silent disco scene from Pandemic, below.

Netflix Pandemic

Medical Police Silent Disco: A New Threat Season 1 Episode 5

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The Netflix series Medical Police , a new release for 2020, is a spin-off of Adult Swim’s Children’s Hospital. The show premiered on January 10th and already has an 86% rating on Rotten Tomato. That’s only from 7 reviewers though, so… The entire season looks like it will be worth the watch but their fifth episode, “Deuce to Nines, Double Draw” especially piqued our interest because it featured a silent disco.

To recap a bit, the protagonists, Lola Spratt (played by Erinn Hayes) and Owen Maestro (played by Rob Huebel) got word of a new viral threat. Their quest to prevent an outbreak from occurring led them to Latvia. There, they were after a suspect known only as Nikolai. After receiving a viable tip, from his mommy, that Nikolai would be at a local haunt, Club Klüb, the pair made their way to the hötspöt. To their surprise, they had stumbled into a super gaseous silent disco. Ya’ know, we would hate to give any spoilers, so you’ll have to watch the episode for yourself to find out what happens next.

If you’ve seen the episode but haven’t been to an actual silent disco, we hope you know that party wasn’t the industry standard. The scene (and show, as a whole) is meant to be satirical but the “party” displayed in the episode makes us look bad. For starters, the attendees all seemed be to listening to the same DJ. Unless they only rented one transmitter for the night, there should be three DJ’s or music genres for party-goers to choose from. And unless the attendees didn’t know any of the songs playing, there are usually millions hundreds of people singing [off-key]. It’s evident that event wasn’t hosted by Quiet Events; they really should’ve contacted us as we do ship internationally.

Besides people wearing headphones, the only other thing that was true is that you can fart and no one will hear it. Unless, you didn’t notice that one person with their headphones off. Flatulence has never been an issue at our events but let’s just hope we didn’t jinx it.

Medical Police Silent Disco

Muévelo at a Silent Disco

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Last week, reggaeton artists Nicky Jam and Daddy Yankee released the video for their song “Muévelo”. The pair, originally known as Los Cangris, made music together earlier in their careers and have reunited on Muévelo, which translates to “move it”. The song is the first release from the duo in over a decade and will be featured on the soundtrack for the movie Bad Boys for Life.

In the video, the world has become a place where music is banned. Police promoting “silence” are seen clashing with music lovers  who have taken to the streets. In rebellion, some revelers have created underground clubs hosting silent disco parties to enjoy the recently illegal tunes, like new age speakeasies. As you can expect, there’s lots of dancing taking place in the silent haunts.

The dancers are seen wearing wireless headphones, which highlighted something we in the industry have noticed; there’s been a recent upswing of silent disco references in pop culture. Over the past few years we’ve seen and been a part of some amazing productions utilizing the silent disco technology.

Television shows like Fox’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine poked fun at silent disco in a season 2 episode, as seen here in this clip. Not quite accurate but amusing nonetheless. Also on Fox, Lethal Weapon featured a daytime silent party that seemed a bit lackluster, which is very unlike a Quiet Events silent disco, might we add. Oh, and speaking of Quiet Events, our equipment was featured in MTV’s Scream season 3 premiere. Quiet Stevens can be seen glowing all throughout Mr. Fade’s rave. We’re so glad we could be a part of that experience! Take a look at our MTV debut here.

We’ll keep our eyes open in 2020 for more silent disco scenes in tv, film, and music. The word is sure to keep on spreading and the popularity of the Muévelo song [and video] is sure to contribute to the trend. It’s already a crowd favorite, which means we’ll have to play it at our next Latin & Caribbean Silent Disco. It has amassed over 30 million views in just a week. Check out the video for yourself below.

Muevelo silent disco

7 Films in 1 Room – Amazon AWS Movie Night

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After a long week in Vegas, Amazon AWS which used 15,000 Quiet Events headphones for their conferences, decided to throw a movie night.  Conference attendees walked into a room with 7 movie screens, popcorn, candy and soda and picked up a pair of headphones.  By a click of the switch you had the ability to watch and listen to Gremlins, Back to the Future, Ferris Bueller’s day off, Stand by Me, Wayne’s world, Goonies and Pretty in Pink.

Silent Disco headphones are perfect for taking a space and breaking it up into multiple uses without causing any issues with noise to those around them.  Allowing you to create a multi-movie theater, a group of stages for conferences, or simply viewing of different content on screens.

Back to the future movie

Pandora hosts FREE live streaming concert in Times Square

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On December 10th Pandora hosted Times Square’s first outdoor FREE live streaming concert performed by Halsey which was simulcasted from Brooklyn mirage.   Hundreds joined in the cold and raining night to put on a pair of Quiet Events headphones as they looked up at the Marriott’s jumbo-tron to join in the concert.

Quiet Events Silent Disco headphones have opened a new market for event planners and companies to showcase their products in locations never possible before.  No longer is a sound permit required or locations that have too much noise an issue for hosting a huge event in which people need to hear content.

Times Sqaure Pandora event

Kids with ADD or ADHD love Silent Discos

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At the age of 17 William Petz, the CEO of Quiet Events, was diagnosed with Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, ADHD.  Having friends and family being diagnosed with the disorder as well, he is all too familiar with the challenges and stigmas that come along with it.

In 2017 Quiet Events started hosting dedicated kid silent discos so that parents that were having so much fun at night could take their kids to experience it during the day time.   Parents quickly noticed that their kids who would run around, scream, and be destructive were more focused at a Quiet Event silent disco.

In 2017 Quiet Events started hosting silent discos for kids so that children could have the fun experience during the daytime that their parents were having at night.

Wearing a pair of headphones changes the dynamics in three major ways which help cope with children  with ADD or ADHD.

  1. >Quiet Events headphones block out any external noise distractions that may cause a child to change their focus.
  2. Having three stations to switch between gives you the control to change anytime if the child gets bored.
  3. The Quiet Event DJs put on a show by talking to the crowd, making them scream, sing, dance, and building an interactive experience that keeps their attention.

Additionally, when not treated some kids that grow up find it harder socialize with others and feeling accepted in groups.  That is what makes being party of a silent disco where everyone wears headphones so unique.  When you wear headphones, everyone comes together to sing and dance, yet others can party in their own world without being judged.

Quiet Events is always looking for ways to bring people together, have fun and enjoy music in ways that were not possible before.  If you have a story about how Quiet Events affected you or your children, we’d love to hear it.  Please email us and let us know?

Special Needs

First Global Silent Disco Party – 6 Countries & 10 Locations

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Quiet Events Inc. has hosted thousands of individual events worldwide, with one event consisting of 10,000 headphones across 30 cities in the U.S. But even that doesn’t compare to what was achieved Monday morning (afternoon or night, depending on where you were located during IndexExchange).  Quiet Events is proud to be the first Silent Disco company, with the help of our international partners [Silent Disco King (London) and Silent Systems (Italy)] along with, BlueJeans streaming conference system, to pull of the first worldwide simultaneous silent disco dance party across 10 locations in 6 countries (France, Germany, Canada, United States, Italy and England). Three DJ’s were streamed spinning live music at an IndexExchange office that you not only could hear, but watch!

With little lead time, IndexExchange approached Quiet Events to create an experience for their employees to celebrate their hard work and growth to 500 employees. Quiet Events takes a “we can do anything” approach, so when asked if we could put together a party for all of them, we said, “Of course!”

At each IndexExchange location, using the BlueJeans video conference platform, we were able to create this global party.  The live DJs in each city: @DJYourHonor in New York, @djcraigbrooklyn in Toronto, and @Matty_Stark in London, setup BlueJeans, dialed into the conference, and then streamed their sets. Each party location then joined into the “meeting”.  With their silent disco headphones, the employees could switch between each DJ, thus creating the first worldwide silent disco party!

Quiet Events is excited to continue using the BlueJeans technology for more multi-location experiential events. Not just music for parties but for fitness, conferences, and other events that will bring people together like never before.

Enjoying the vibe with Headphones

2,500 Spectators at a Football Game get Headphones

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When it’s your schools home coming game and parade and you want to host it at night, but your neighbors don’t love the loud speakers calling out the play by play and then music for the half time show, who do you call?  Well Menlo School in Altherton, California turned to Quiet Events to supply 2,500 to all their attendees.

With headphones on, the crowd sang the national anthem and the game started!  Everyone with headphones could hear the announcer make each call clearly all while the Quiet Event DJ played jams from the 80’s and 90’s keeping the parents dancing and cheering for their team.

This was the first of it’s kind and a big win for Menlo in both the game and pulling off their first night home coming.

Large group of people in stadium