Silent Disco at the Famous Area 15 in Las Vegas

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Area 15 in Las Vegas is offering a taste of a silent disco in February!

Dance all night in the Sanctuary, AREA15’s beautiful bamboo volcano! Explore the art and experience the wonder while (silently) listening to your favorite beats, powered by Quiet Events. The music starts at 8:30 PM! Come early to get your complimentary headphones and get the party started!

No ticket needed, event info can be found here:

Check out the immersive venue here:

The Amazing Race Features a Silent Rave

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If you have never been to a silent rave before, you can see one in action in the Amazing Race!

Racers get to experience what a silent rave is during their race around the world in Season 31, Episode 5. The episode takes place in Dubai and it’s really fun to watch. Here is a clip of the host, Phil, explaining the rules of this roadblock:

You can watch the full episode on Hulu or CBS.