Austin Monthly

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Here is the list of 11 takeaways from the second weekend of 2 weekend festival in the heart of Austin, find Silent Disco by Quiet Events as “Most Unexpected Bonding Moment”.
“When Bon Jovi’s “Living on a Prayer” came on, and a woman pointed at us to sing along with her, it actually made us feel like we were sharing a moment that we’ll all remember.”

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My Statesman

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ACL Fest 2017: How are those layout changes and new additions anyway?

Read about all the changes Austin City Limits festival did before this year’s edition, including revamping the march store, increasing security and adding Silent Disco powered by Quiet Events. The article includes several paragraph on what silent disco is, and why it became one of the most popular and talked-about things at ACL 2017.

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My Statesman

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ACL Fest 2017: Why a silent disco is anything but silent

“A silent disco is anything but silent.” Read on about the unique experience of Silent Disco / Quiet Clubbing that we brought to Austin City Limits 2017, with 3 Live DJs entertaining over a thousand people at Tito’s Handmade Vodka Stage all 6 nights of the festival.

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Austin 360

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ILYSM @ ACL Fest 2017: DJs do battle for audience ears at the Silent Disco

Listen to ILYSM podcast on what is a Silent Disco and how has it suddenly taken over Austin City Limits Music Festival this year with shows at the Tito’s Vodka tent every day of the fest with a 1,000 of people dancing it out every night.

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‘Silent discos’ let you dance the night away with the comfort of headphones

“Crazy part is there is now music outside of this. It’s all in your headphones” – says a party-goer attending Silent Disco party provided by Quiet Events on one of the night at Austin City Limits Music Festival 2017. Watch the whole recap video, to watch more first-time-silent-disco goers reactions.

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Hotels Magazine

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A silent trend that’s creating a lot of buzz

HotelsMag.com published a post online about the silent disco trend spreading around the country. Read more about what the whole trend is about, as well as how it is growing in the hospitality industry.

“Massive music festivals, corporate parties, weddings or clubs, the headphone trend is adding a fresh element of fun.”

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Special Events

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’50’ Big Event Companies Share Top Trends

How to create great stories? “The key to good stories is understanding your audience wants, needs, fears and desires. Tell stories that reflect your audience’s emotions and your event will be a success”. Broadstreet is using Quiet Events headphones at their events to engage the audience and make them listen.

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My San Antonio

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All of the glow-in-the-dark fun from Skylent Disco! Photos: Silent Disco hypes S.A. with headphones, tunes over Labor Day weekend

Check out these amazing photos published on mySA.com blog of our amazingly fun party on Sunday of Labor Day Weekend in San Antonio, TX. The party featured special appearance of the DJ LAZ.

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