Pix 11 – 8.26.16

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Quiet Clubbing Festival was mentioned in 1 of 3 things to do in New York.

Content Editor of Time Out New York, Will Pulos, shared with Pix 11 the best 3 things to do in NYC on the Weekend of August 27-28, alongside Quiet Clubbing Festival he suggested visiting the Indonesian Street Festival and learn about the history behind the 240th Commemoration of the Battle of Brooklyn.

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5boros – 8.25.16

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This Weekend, Experience NYC’s First Ever Silent Music Festival

5boros, a blog about fun stuff to do around the City, publihed a great write-up on Quiet Clubbing Festival, highlighting the uniqueness of a silent event in the very noisy city.

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Crain’s New York Business – 8.22.16

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“Former banker makes money keeping partyers quiet”

Crain’s New York Business did a great write-up about the founder of Quiet Events, Will Petz, and the history of the company. The article also features an Interview with Mr. Petz.

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Fox 7 News – 8.19.16

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FOX 7 News did a segment on Austin hosting the gay softball world series, for the first time ever, and Oilcan Harry’s throwing a block party in a celebration. Quiet Clubbing was a part of this block party. It was a first block party for Quiet Events, but very successful, with more than thousand people in attendance.

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