CBS New York – 11.06.2015

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New York Post – “5 Unique Nightlife Spots In New York City.”

Do you love to dance but hate going to loud clubs to hit the dance floor? Now you don’t have to worry about losing your voice at the end of the night because Quiet Clubbing is hitting New York City. Get your ticket to try out this headphone party that lets hundreds of people dance and sing along to their favorite tracks without disturbing the people around them…

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Secret NYC – 10.30.2015

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Secret NYC – “Trick Or Treat! The Best NYC Halloween Parties”

You had us at clubbing in Times Square. Quiet Events lets you choose your DJ by playing the tunes through personal headsets. This party puts you in the heart of New York on one of the best nights of the year, enjoying $5-$7 drink specials, and competing for the prizes in the costume contests. What’s not to love?

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New York Times – 8.09.2015

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‘Rocky Horror’ at Lincoln Center, With Headphones

2,800 people gather at Damrosch Park to watch “Rocky Horror Picture Show” midnight performance with headphones on.  Channel 1 is the movie, Channel 2 is the Play and Channel 3 is both.  Powered by Quiet Events headphones, the event had everyone in awe by not only the site of glowing headphones, but the amazingly animated cast.

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