May 152017

VoyageLA – 5.15.17

Voyage LA did an insightful, biographical write up on the founder of Quiet Events Inc – William Petz. Read more to know about Will’s journey, his first Silent Disco experience and how he came up with the “Quiet Clubbing” term.

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Mar 272017

Bustle – 3.27.16

Quiet Clubbing was named one of the most interesting places to meet your SO!

Bustle recently published an article “15 Interesting Places You Might Meet Your Next Partner”, featuring the best and most interesting places you can meet your SO with comments from the dating experts. They don’t talk about obvious places like bars, parties and dating apps, but give a list of most randomly perfect locations and ways you will meet your next partner.

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Aug 262016

Pix 11 – 8.26.16

Quiet Clubbing Festival was mentioned in 1 of 3 things to do in New York.

Content Editor of Time Out New York, Will Pulos, shared with Pix 11 the best 3 things to do in NYC on the Weekend of August 27-28, alongside Quiet Clubbing Festival he suggested visiting the Indonesian Street Festival and learn about the history behind the 240th Commemoration of the Battle of Brooklyn.

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Aug 242016

5boros – 8.25.16

This Weekend, Experience NYC’s First Ever Silent Music Festival

5boros, a blog about fun stuff to do around the City, publihed a great write-up on Quiet Clubbing Festival, highlighting the uniqueness of a silent event in the very noisy city.

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Aug 232016

Watchable “Cholos Try NYC Club Scene” – 8.23.16

Cholos Try, viral segment on mitú – Latino-fueled media brand joined Quiet Clubbing for a Subway Tour, and later went to one of the Beer Garden parties, to join on the party with couple thousand people.

“Honestly, Quiet Club is fucking amazing!”

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Aug 222016

Crain’s New York Business – 8.22.16

“Former banker makes money keeping partyers quiet”

Crain’s New York Business did a great write-up about the founder of Quiet Events, Will Petz, and the history of the company. The article also features an Interview with Mr. Petz.

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Aug 192016

Fox 7 News – 8.19.16

FOX 7 News did a segment on Austin hosting the gay softball world series, for the first time ever, and Oilcan Harry’s throwing a block party in a celebration. Quiet Clubbing was a part of this block party. It was a first block party for Quiet Events, but very successful, with more than thousand people in attendance.

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Aug 192016

Bensonhurst Bean – 8.19.16

Quiet Clubbing Coming To Coney Island Next Week

Bensonhurst Bean on first ever Quiet Clubbing Festival coming to Coney Art Walls on Augut 27. “It’s a new wave of club culture that doesn’t draw nearly as many noise complaints.”
“It should be pretty surreal.”

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Aug 182016 – 8.18.16

Joonbug, the leading expert in nightlife events, places and tickets, featured Quiet Clubbing Festival in it’s Things To Do in NYC section.

Catch the last feel of summer with Quiet Festival.

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Aug 172016

NYC Go – 8.17.16

Quiet Clubbing Festival

NYC Go, an ultimate source of to-do in New York City, mentioned Quiet Clubbing Festival in their Nighlife section, highlighting that there will be nine DJs spinning on three different channels along with visual entertainment like fire twirlers, LED hula dancers, face painting, LED robots and glow-in-the-dark gear.

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Aug 152016

Broadway World – 8.15.16

First-Ever Quiet Clubbing Festival Heads to Brooklyn This Month

Broadway World did a comprehensive overview on upcoming Quiet Festival. As well as gave a brief explanation on what Quiet Clubbing.

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Aug 92016

Spoiled NYC – 8.4.16

Check out this article on 11 not miss events happening this August in New York. The last (but not the least) is Quiet Clubbing Festival “the King of all quiet clubbing events”. We ourselves are panning to check out more than one point from this list!

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Aug 32016

Time Out New York – 8.3.16

Time Out New York mentioned our upcoming Quiet Clubbing Festival – biggest event of the season, in their recent issue. It truly is going to be the hottest and craziest event, with Fire Twirlers, LED Hula dancers, Face Painters, 9 DJs and LED Robots!

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Jul 232016

CBC Radio Canada – 7.23.16

CBC News Ottawa featured our Kick Off Party in Canada – at the Mooney’s Bay Park, right on the beach. The party was a great start and we are sure the trend will become more popular in the country. “It’s kind of like me in my room,” said 15-year-old Jada Rodgers. “People probably think you’re weird, but people are weird together and it’s really fun.”


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Jun 242016

Time Out NY – 6.24.16

Time Out NY Featured our Coney Island Subway Firework Party in their print issue as well as on their website in the Critic’s Picks as a thing to do in your Perfect Weekend! We totally agree, Quiet Clubbing Subway Parties are the essential part of perfect weekends.

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Jun 132016

LA Weekly – 6.13.16

LA Weekly attended FREE Quiet Clubbing Party in Los Angeles, that took place last Friday, June 10and posted a great amount of amazing shots from the party. You have to check it out!

Lear more: (Website)(PDF)

Jun 12016

Mic. – 6.1.16

Mic. published an amazing article “Here’s Why the Disco Beat Goes On (and On) in New York City”, that reveals the astonishing popularity of Disco (including Silent Disco) in New York. The articles features QuietClubbing and its founder Will Petz.

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May 232016

ABC 7 News – 5.23.16

ABC 7 News, San Francisco, did an amazing segment on Silent Disco phenomena, featuring Quiet Events and our Party at Monroe Club every third Friday of the month.


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May 202016

Secret NYC – 5.20.16

Secret NYC, a blog on everything happening in the greatest city on earth, featured Quiet Clubbing Sunday Sunday event as one of “6 Outdoor Parties That Scream Summer In The City”.

“Quiet Clubbing meets the great outdoors at this silent disco that allows you to put on your headphones, select your music and groove to the beat of your own drum, all against the backdrop of the towering Midtown skyscrapers. It’s the one time you and your friends won’t have to fight over a music venue.”

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May 122016

Fox 7 Good Day Austin – 5.12.16

It’s a party experience like no other and it’s taking the dancing scene by storm across the U.S. FOX 7’s Tania Ortega is at North Door in East Austin with a look at what the trend is all about.

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Apr 292016

Wesleyan University – 4.29.16

“Wes Out-Loud” Theater performance took its audience on site-specific auditory journey. “Wes Out-Loud: Stories of Place” is a site-specific auditory journey conceived and created for the Wesleyan campus. It invited the audience to experience Wesleyan as a scenographic space by inserting new narratives into everyday sites. Audience members wore wireless headsets to listen to the recorded stories of place created for each site.

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Apr 52016

Uloop Fordham Entertainment News – 4.5.16

Fordham University’s News Website posted an amazing writeup about Quiet Events and our silent disco in New York. “I don’t know when exactly the silent disco craze started but after hearing a lot of talk about them and constantly seeing a bunch of people partying with headphones on in the NYC life Snapchat story, I decided I wanted to see what the hype was all about. They have been happening at musical festivals, private parties (like weddings), and, of course, at clubs in cities.”

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Mar 172016 – 3.17.2016

We were lucky enough to grace again, with their awesome new write-up on their 13 great things to do in Manhattan, that included us as one of the things to do! The story pinpointed our recent Uptown takeover party and gave readers a condensed feel for what it means to attend a quiet clubbing party.

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Mar 42016 – 3.04.2016 put together a solid write-up on an upcoming event of ours taking place at Studio Square. They went beyond merely listing out what would be happening by using the opening of the article, to talk about how exciting our events tend to be, suggesting that their writers have come along to a few events themselves.

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Mar 42016

Time Out New York – 3.04.2016

A contributor for Time Out New York, did a right up of our recent involvement in an art show at the Guggeheim. We were honored to have been able to get involved in putting together an event at such a prestigious location and were very happy with the collaboration put forth, bringing music and art into this massive space, to set a truly unique tone for the night.

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Feb 192016

CBS 58 News – 2.19.2016

The CBS 58 News did a write-up, talking about the upcoming party that we held at the Milwaukee Art Museum last Friday! The event was part of their, “MAM Music After Dark,” series and showed a whole lot of newcomers to the scene, just what Quiet Clubbing is all about.

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Dec 222015

Tribeca Trib Online – 12.22.2015

The Tribeca Trib Online, put together a video and write-up on our free events held at Brookfield Place last weekend. The events were held right across from the Museum of Feelings and the video really goes to show you how massive a crowd there was that came out for our events here.

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Nov 62015

CBS New York – 11.06.2015

New York Post – “5 Unique Nightlife Spots In New York City.”

Do you love to dance but hate going to loud clubs to hit the dance floor? Now you don’t have to worry about losing your voice at the end of the night because Quiet Clubbing is hitting New York City. Get your ticket to try out this headphone party that lets hundreds of people dance and sing along to their favorite tracks without disturbing the people around them…

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Oct 302015

Secret NYC – 10.30.2015

Secret NYC – “Trick Or Treat! The Best NYC Halloween Parties”

You had us at clubbing in Times Square. Quiet Events lets you choose your DJ by playing the tunes through personal headsets. This party puts you in the heart of New York on one of the best nights of the year, enjoying $5-$7 drink specials, and competing for the prizes in the costume contests. What’s not to love?

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Oct 132015

Clubjimay Designs – 10.13.2015

Clubjimay Designs captured a great video of our Official New York Comic Con After-Party, with a solid feature in their posting. The portion about us starts right at the halfway mark and runs all the way through the duration of the video.

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Oct 122015

New York Times – 12.10.2015

New York Times – ‘Quiet Clubbing’ and Revisiting Tracy & the Plastics

The New York Times did a solid write-up on the two free parties that we pre-planned to be thrown at Brookfield Place. This article does a solid job of explaining just how unique the venue is and how the specs of the location would prove to be incredible for the coming party situation. Check out the full article to  learn more about the excitement that we brought to Brookfield Place.

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Sep 302015

New York Post – 09.30.2015

New York Post – “Juice Crawls Are The Death Knell Of New York Nightlife.”

The New York Post came out to our juice crawl last week and did an incredible write-up, capturing the fun and excitement of the night. This was the first time that we had ever done a juice crawl, as opposed to our usual bar crawls, so needless to say we had no idea what to expect, so we’re glad to have this article out there that captured how well this one really went down and needless to say, we would love to do more, as that scene continues to grow. Check out the full article, to learn more about how the night went for these juice lovers.

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Sep 242015

Enhanced Minds Inc. – 09.23.2015 – “2015 Quiet Clubbing Party – Plaza 33.”

Enhanced Minds Inc. came out to our free party at Plaza 33, this past Sunday and did a solid write-up on just what it was that we were able to bring to the table. On top of a general article post, they also put together a great video montage of how the day went down, that included an interview with our C.E.O. “William Petz,” as well as interviews with party-goers that were really excited about how the whole thing went down. Definitely be sure to check out the full article, to see what Mr. Petz and the other party people had to say.

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Sep 202015 – 09.20.2015 – “The Latest Event Trend? Silence”

Bizbash put together a solid write-up on the growth of the quiet clubbing phenomenon and even included a slideshow of people wearing our Quiet Events headphones out at events. They also went on to talk about the events that we’ve held at Lincoln Center this summer and gave us a solid mention as having been the ones to put those together.

Learn More: (Website)(PDF)

Sep 172015 – 09.17.2015 – “All The Best Clubs May Soon Be Silent Discos.” seized the opportunity to do a great write-up covering a wide spectrum of the quiet clubbing scene, talking about how these sorts of events are picking up very quickly. It spans numerous organizations involved in the scene and included us in the mix, as one of the movers and shakers making it happen. Check out the full article, if you are interested in learning more about what these sorts of events are all about and how much fun they can be!

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Sep 22015

Mashable – 09.02.2015

Mashable – “12 Of The Most Unique Events Around The World.” #11 Quiet Clubbing

Needless to say, making Mashable’s list of 12 of the most unique events around the world, was an absolute thrill for us and we felt very lucky to have been able to make t on here. Needless to say, making anyone’s top 12 is a good day but under that headline, on THAT site? This was a very exciting write-up and goes to show that Quiet Clubbing is gaining more visibility than ever before 🙂

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Aug 202015

State Press – 08.20.15

Quiet Events, DJ Party Favor and Red Bull teamed up to bring electronic dance music to a limited ASU crowd at The Secret Garden Wednesday night.  The audience was given headphones instead of speakers blaring music across the campus, turning the infamous campus hotspot into a “silent disco” rave.

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Aug 92015

New York Times – 8.09.2015

‘Rocky Horror’ at Lincoln Center, With Headphones

2,800 people gather at Damrosch Park to watch “Rocky Horror Picture Show” midnight performance with headphones on.  Channel 1 is the movie, Channel 2 is the Play and Channel 3 is both.  Powered by Quiet Events headphones, the event had everyone in awe by not only the site of glowing headphones, but the amazingly animated cast.

Learn more: (Website) | (PDF)

Aug 12015 – 8.1.15

German newspaper Bild did a video segment on the concept of Silent Disco featuring Quiet Events.

Learn more: (YouTube)

Jun 172015

New York Times – 6.17.15

New York Times – “Silent Discos Let You Dance to Your Own Beat”

New York Times did a story on the phenomena of Silent Disco. Explaining that it is “clubbing for people who don’t want to be subjected to the will of one D.J. for the evening and, because the wearer controls the volume, clubbing for people who don’t want ringing ears and sore throats the next morning.”

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Feb 182015

Martha Stewart Weddings – 02.18.2015

Martha Stewart- Weddings

Party Like It’s 2015 by Throwing a Silent Disco at Your Wedding.
Martha Stewart Weddings did a great write-up on us, showcasing how great the inclusion of silent clubbing can be for a wedding. Check out the full article and remember to keep us in mind for future weddings 🙂
Learn more: (Website)

Feb 92015

Spoiled NYC – 02.09.2015

The Phenomenon Is Real: Quiet Clubbing Has Officially Become a Thing in NYC

In New York City, thousands of people head out to quiet events each week, put on their headphones, and just dance.

The majority of these atypical parties feature two or three DJs playing different music simultaneously throughout the night, each assigned their own transmission frequency and a color that lights up on each set of headphones so people can keep track of who’s listening to which station.

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Jan 212015

Filter Free and Fabulous – 1.21.2015

Episode 5: Quiet Clubbing & Highline

Jon and Shelby check out the hottest things in NYC.  They hit up the highline and then Toshi Rooftop where Quiet Events is hosting another amazing rooftop Quiet Clubbing Party.


Learn more: (Video)

Jan 12015

Goods Press – 01.01.2015

Goods Press – “Goods Press Magazine (Japan) Hottest Headphones – Parties and Fun.”

Goods Press did a solid write-up on the movement that we have been creating with Quiet Events, including some interesting designs of people wearing our headphones. The article is in Japanese, so if you know the language, definitely be sure to check it out.

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Dec 132014

Fox Business Network – 12.13.2014

Quiet Clubbing @ Toshi’s Living Room

The last time you were  out with your friends, did you have trouble hearing over the loud music?  Not any more!  Quiet Clubbing is the new trend…

Learn more: (Video)

Aug 222014

NICEE – 08.22.2014

NICEE – “Quiet Clubbing With Quiet Events – Clubbing Music Through Your Headphones.”

NICEE did a solid write-up on the sort of events that we’ve been throwing and why it is that so many people find them to be more enjoyable than the typical club going experience.

Learn More: (Website(PDF)

Aug 192014

Les inRocks Style – 08.19.2015

Les inRocks Style – “Le Quiet Clubbing, La Fête En Silence.”

We got a great write-up about another one of our events on this awesome French site, going to show international coverage once again. It’s great to see more places picking up on what we’ve been doing, across the world.

Learn More: (Website) (PDF)

Aug 162014 – 08.16.2014 – Have you been to a Headphone Party? Why Quiet Events are making a lot of noise put together a solid write-up on us and the overall growing movement that is Quiet Clubbing. If this can’t convince you to come out to these awesome events, nothing will!
Read more: (Website)

Jul 292014

Queens Courier – 07.29.14

Queens Courier – ‘Quiet Clubbing’ comes to Astoria Beer Garden.

The Queens Courier did a solid mention about the recurring parties that we’ve been holding at the Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden every other Friday. Give it a look to see what we’re all about!

Learn More: (Website)

Jul 232014

MTV News – 07.23.2014

MTV News – “Adult Summer Camp Is A Place You Can Go, And It Is Ridiculous.”

Quiet Clubbing In The Woods.

MTV did a solid write-up on Club Getaway, which acts as a Summer Camp adventure for adults and included a segment on us, where they came across Quiet Events holding it down a tthe camp! It was another great party and we were very happy to have MTV there to capture the excitement.

See the Full Article: (Website)

Jun 12014

Business Insider – 06.01.2014

Business Insider – “33 Things Every New Yorker Should Do This Summer.”

Dance to the music of your choice at Quiet Clubbing. Participants are handed wireless headphones and can listen to any of 3 DJs.

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May 242014

Explore LI – 05.24.2014

Explore LI (Special Summer Time Magazine Mailer From Newsday)

“Not Your Dad’s Nightspots – Quiet Clubbing.”

This was a special write-up that we received in NEwsdays, “Explore LI,” segment, that was a special mailing sent out to their subscribers, about ways to have fun on Long Island over the Summer. It was awesome to be included in this one time special magazine.

Learn More: (PDF)

Apr 292014 – 04.29.2014 – “Shhh! Quiet Clubbing is Making Major Noise.” gave us an awesome write-up and interviewed our founder, to gain a better grasp of what our events are all about. Check out the interview write-up to learn little know info about who we are and what we do!

LEarn More: (Website(PDF)

Apr 252014

JoonBug – 04.25.2014

JoonBug – “Quiet Event’s Silent Disco At 42 West.”

JoonBug writer’s came out to an event that we held at 42 West and got a chance to not only party to their heart’s content but also have a nice sit-down chat with our founder, “William Petz,” to get a idea of what we have already done and what our plans are for the future. IT was great having them come out; be sure to check out what they had to say and the great info provided by William in the interview.

Learn More: (Website) (PDF)

Apr 242014

Fever Up – 04.24.2014

Ambassador Profile: Will Petz (Quiet Events)

Clark Winter interviews Will Petz the founder of Quiet Events to understand where this overnight sensation has come from.

Learn more: (PDF)

Apr 232014

Fuse News – 4.23.2014

Katie Explains “Quiet Clubbing”

Hands up, jam up, and good times… New York is in full swing.  There’s no music playing at this party, at least out loud.

More Info: (Video)

Apr 102014 – 04.10.2014 – ‘Silent’ Party to Turn Staten Island Ferry Into Dance Club
DNAinfo did a great write-up on our plans to turn the Staten Island Ferry Into a mobile dance club with over 100 party-goers. Check out the full article to see how we can even turn the ferry into a very memorable experience.
Learn More: (Website)

Apr 22014

The Huffington Post – 04.02.2015

The Huffington Post – “Three New Types Of Nights Out.”

The Huffington Post added us to a very special segment of theirs that targeted three new fun and unque ways, to go out and have fun at night. Considering that this was a list of only three, we were very excited about managing to be included. Check out what they had to say.

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Jan 292014

Despierta America – 01.29.2014

Las “Fiestas Silenioas” Convierten el Subterraneo NeoYorkino en discoteca

Aired 1/29 on Univision Despierta America, Birmania Rios parties with Quiet Events on their City Party Tour.  These parties takes 100+ people around NYC dancing, singing, doing flash mob things and learning about the city.

More info: (Watch)

Jan 262014

The Roanoke Times – 01.26.2014

The Roanoke Times – Snarky Puppy’s Roanoke Show Earns A Grammy

This is an awesome write-up, showing Snarky Puppy’s performing their Grammy award winning song over our headphones! Check out the full write-up for this one. Goes to show that this sort of tech can span far beyond the general party night.


Aug 302013

Nikkei Business Publications, Inc. – 08.30.2013

Nikkei Business Publications, Inc.

We landed a solid write-up in the Nikkei Business Newspaper! It’s great to see that we’re starting to gain international coverage.

Learn More: (PDF)

Aug 92013

Greenpointers – 08.09.2013

Greenpointers – “Quiet Clubbing: A Peaceful Battle On The Waterfront.”

Greenpointers did an awesome write-up on one of our events, likening the party to a battle between the colors lighting up on everyone’s headphones. This one gave great reasoning into why you might want to delve into one of these battles, that are filled with nothing but smiles, laughter, and funky dancing!

Learn More: (Website) (PDF)

Aug 72013 – 08.07.2013 – “Why Are People At Bracco’s Dancing…Without Music?”

This write-up from Newsday, captured the essence of just how wildly different our coming to Long Island to throw a party at Bracco’s was, for the residents there, who had never seen such a thing before. We got some great feedback and everyone had a memorable fun time.

Learn More: (Website) (PDF)

Aug 32013

Bloomberg HT – 08.03.2013

Interview with Melike from Bloomberg HT

What is Quiet Events?  Interview with William J. Petz, founder and CEO of Quiet Events.

More Info: (Watch)

Jul 12013

Better Show – 07.01.2013

Newest Trend “Quiet Clubbing”

Lesley Nagy is in NYC trying out a new trend call “Quiet Clubbing”.

More Info: (Watch)

Jun 262013

Daily News – 06.26.2013

Daily News – “Here’s One Dance Party Without Any Noise.”

The Daily News reported on a special event that we put together for the Chamber of Commerce. Essentially the Chamber wanted to put on something special that would be fun, while also not creating to much noise, so naturally we were able to provide a great option to meet such ends and everyone had a wild time.

Learn More: (Website) (PDF)

May 12013

The New York Post – 05.01.2013

The New York Post – “Dance To Your Own Beat With Quiet Clubbing.”

The New York Post did a solid write-up capturing one of our exciting night’s at the Croton Reservoir Tavern. Check it out to learn more about that fun night and to gain a better understanding of the growth of the quiet clubbing movement.

Learn More: (Website(PDF)